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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Today I thought I'd do a Buffy special and show you guys some jewellery that I own that is inspired by my all time favourite TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer! As you may know, I love most of the clothes, accessories and jewellery that Sarah Michelle Gellar wears as Buffy. Today I'm going to focus specifically on jewellery. I've also been meaning to do an episode recap but I haven't got round to it. I will definitely do one some day soon!

I'm absoloutely obsessed with Buffy's earrings that she wears in most epiosdes during the first 6 seasons. These are the tiny silver diamante hoop earrings and the plain ones. These are noticeably quite smaller than the usual ones you see in jewellery stores, I managed to find some good ones on ebay, here are some pictures:

These ones are white gold filled and are amazing quality, it's very affordable as well! (I've linked all pictures to the item :)

These are approximately 9.5mm 
and have diamante at the front of the
hoop. They look really cute! 

Here we have the plain sterling silver hoop earrings.
They measure 9mm. What I love about these is that it
has a hook close which means it's easy to put on and
take off, even on bigger ears.

Heres a picture of myself wearing the diamante hoops and the plain ones:

Here's the beautiful Sarah Michelle Gellar with her trademark Buffy earrings! :}

Her ears are a little bigger than mine and she has more ear lobe than me. My ears are unfortunately tiny! But these earrings would look gorgeous on all (pierced) ears :)

Remember when Angel gave Buffy a claddagh ring as a sign of his devotion? Well, it's available almost everywhere thankfully! I recently bought one from amazon and it is almost identicial to the one Buffy wears in Season 2 episode 13 'Surprise' on her 17th Birthday. It's sterling silver, very afforable and is available in multiple sizes

Next we have Buffy's illusion choker necklace. She wears this choker in a few episodes during Season 4 (as seen below). This is a very pretty invisible necklace with small Swarovski crystals. The necklace almost melts against your skin. I bought mine from peggyli.com. It's available in blues and pinks! 

I also thought I'd include this Buffy 'B' pendant that I found on etsy.com. I ordered it recently and am waiting for it to come :) You can make a custom order for this by messaging the seller!

Last but not least we have the iconic Large Cross pendant Necklace that the handsome Angel gives Buffy in Season 1 episode 1! (I ship Bangel forever). I got this necklace on ebay as it was sold out everywhere! The make is Genki by Factory X and it's not available to purchase at any major stores but you may find it on amazon or ebay like I did. With the growing trend of 'the cross' it sure does fit into todays fashion! (please note that these cross pendants are produced by 20th Century Fox so it's more of a fashion statement necklace, oh and to protect you from vampires ;). I got mine for £15 plus delivery

Please leave comments below and let me know what you think of this blog! It would mean so so much! If you want, I can do more Buffy blogs like this. 



  1. Thanks for noticing my blog! I'm not too famous in the Buffy Blog world (yet). :-)

    I'm loving yours, too. Looking forward to writing more posts and reading more of yours!

  2. Aww thanks! I'm trying to be more active on here. Will have some new blogs up soon :)

  3. Wow this is cool thanks! I miss the buffster!

    1. Thank you for reading! Glad you liked it. I miss the Buffster too xo

  4. Amazing post! :D I love the B necklace - which Etsy seller is it from? :) I'm currently introducing my boyfriend to Buffy, and it's been amazing rewatching it :) I actually did a Buffy book haul today, if you fancy checking it out?

    The Oxford Owl

  5. Love Buffy! It's been tooooo long since I had a Buffy marathon x

  6. Love bvs and Sarah her style her hoop eartings and cross and totally crushing on Angel (David Boreanaz) ��

  7. Btvs best show ever there still playing

  8. Hi! Love your blog :) I am desperately looking for some Buffy Hoops but the first link you posted is no longer active. For the tiny silver diamante hoop earrings. Do you know another place where I could get them? :)

    Thank you so much!


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